Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mommy Ran a 5K!

This was my second annual "Run Wild" post-Turkey day 5K in San Francisco. That's my bud Aimster in the background. This year's was more enjoyable for me though last year's was more of an achievement. Prior to that I don't think I ever ran 3.1 miles in my life, and at my age. This year I was less stressed about it, and was slower by 8 minutes, but the bright spots were that I never got tired and I felt great the rest of the day.

Oh, and, last year's picture sucked! I like this one a lot more. Lucky for me they took two because the other one also sucks. So, yes, this year's was better, much better. (NB I actually remembered to smile, because part of why last year's pic was so yuk was because I looked like I was about to drop dead!)

Next up, hopefully, is the San Francisco Christmas Classic 5K that benefits a women's shelter. Now that's running I can feel good about.


Anonymous said...

You look so fabulous! I'm so proud of your accomplishments!

Janet Byron said...

Yes, me too (proud)! When's the next one. I might come along...