Thursday, July 24, 2008

Get out your handkerchiefs

Today is Katie's last day of pre-school.  She's been going since she was 2 years and 9 months old, and she's 5 years and 7 months now. We will be attending her "graduation" ceremony this afternoon, and yes, I will be bringing a supply of tissues.  As well as the camera and video cam.  Emily and I are taking turns fighting the urge to choke up--how could this all be happening so fast?  Looking back, it all seems like a blur, and now Erin is getting ready to go to pre-school and Katie to Kindergarten.  Thankfully they both are more forward looking and eager than their parents who are sentimental saps.  Pictures and video to be posted later. 

Monday, July 21, 2008


We went to Disneyland. Or, rather, I went to the American Library Association conference, which happened to be in Anaheim CA, and brought my family + Grandma (Emily's mom) to Disneyland. So I went to some ALA programs (which were dull compared to Disneyland's offerings), and also went to Disneyland. Hadn't been there since I was 18. My high school graduating class went there after we graduated. This time was more fun, though also interrupted by my obligation to attend ALA.


Watching fireworks from our room at the Disneyland Hotel (now Erin thinks that all Hotel rooms must provide fireworks).
Seeing Katie meet the various princesses which are currently part of her imaginary world.
Seeing Erin meet Minnie Mouse--true love at first sight!
The Disneyland Hotel Pool.


Taking a five year old on "Space Mountain when A. I don't even really like roller coasters, and B. What was I thinking?!!!

If you have some time to kill, you can check out our Disneyland photos.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Erin in thought

Erin in thought
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Erin with one of her favorite tools--a pen. In addition to writing on paper, she also enjoys writing on walls, clothes (especially new clothes), furniture, skin as well as sucking on the ink end.