Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 10 Ways Gay Marriage Hurts Straight Marriage

Top 10 Ways Gay Marriage hurts Straight Marriage

10.  Gay marriages have raised the bar for having fun, creative and fabulous weddings.
9.   All the good venues have already been booked by gay couples.
8.  Your friends can't come to your straight wedding because it conflicts with their other friends' gay wedding.
7.  The lines at the county clerk and city hall are much longer with all the gay couples getting married.
6.  Only the people who really want to be there go to a gay wedding, so the straight weddings get all the people who you wish wouldn't come.
5.  All the offspring of gay marriages will be gay (just like all the offspring of straight marriages are straight) leading to a world wide population implosion.
4.  The pressure will increase on straight married couples to have even more children as a result of #5.
3.  Straight married couples will divorce in increasing numbers as a result of all this increased pressure and stress on them to reproduce.
2.  Straight couples will have no money to retire on because they have too many children and alimony payments from previous straight marriages.
1. Straight marriage will completely disintegrate and be viewed as an impossible dream  because of #s 2-10.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Katie's Alarm Clock

Now that she's a big kindergartener, Emily set Katie's alarm clock to go off in the AM to help her wake up before Mamma goes to work, thus avoiding meltdowns and tears at the start of the day. The first day of this new regime, Emily went up to find Katie on the floor staring at her alarm clock (music playing). Asked how she liked it, Katie replied, "I like it, but it waked me up before I was finished sleeping".