Monday, December 17, 2007

The eerieness of super-helium

Almost 3 years ago, for Katie's second birthday, I bought a boquet of balloons the night before her party, so I would have one less thing to run around doing on the day of her party. That was when I discovered that regular helium doesn't last that long. The balloons were all at eye level the next morning--like sad, wilting flowers--much to my surprise and dismay. Somewhere along the line, we discovered super-helium...or "high-float" helium, as they call it at our local candy/balloon store, "Sweet Dreams". Well, now it is two weeks and counting since Erin's 2nd birthday partyand those balloons are still lingering, ceiling height, around our house (see--the second one always benifits from the trials and tribulations of the first) . But it doesn't seem right--this being one week from Christmas eve and all. It's kind of strange. They've long since lost their appeal to the girls, these super-helium balloons. They've taken on the air of some supernatural phenomenon better to be ignored, or regarded as just another aspect of our home decor.

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Anonymous said...

Amara likes to keep those balloons around for a while too, but when they've lost their appeal, I just pop them and throw them away. I'm too feeble-minded to contemplate helium balloons!
You are too funny!