Saturday, November 10, 2007

Future Ballerina Astronaut

Future Balerina Astronaut
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Katie's preschool went on a field trip yesterday and I was a chaperone. It was fun, yet, not stress free to be in charge of three preschoolers who seem to have a perfected a system of 'divide and conquer' where they split up and go in 3 different directions and challenge you to reassemble them back into a group at regular intervals. It's good for the brain though, keeps you alert.

Katie had her perfunctory turn in the space capsule--she was the last in line due to the activity describe above. She seemed somewhat interested though even I could see how it could be hard to concentrate. One of the other girls I was in charge of skillfully cut in line about halfway up, and the other lost interest after about waiting for five minutes. So, Katie gets points for good manners & patience.

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