Monday, April 14, 2008

Raccoon-proof kiddie pool

I'm on the prowl for a Raccoon-proof kiddie pool. So far we've lost two blow-up pools to our local band of back-yard prowling, night-swimming rascals.

The model to the right was savagely attacked, apparently after the raccoons believed they were under a shark attack while wading in the deep end.

Another pool one was just half-heartedly chewed--nothing like a shark to get the adrenaline going. Apparently, raccoon pool wading and destruction is not uncommon. Other enemies of the blow up pool include birds, and logically challenged people, like myself, who dragged our hard sided, but soft-bottomed pool along the rocky mulch to empty it.

Alas, the hard plastic type of pool that used to be in style when I was a kid seems to be no longer in, I must turn to Slate magazine for my pool recommendation.


Anonymous said...


They indeed still make those little plastic pools.

You should see the monster pool we bought this summer. I hate it. I haven't even been in it. It seems like Eric has spent most of his time (and our money) cleaning the damn thing. Poor Amara...thought she was going swimming this summer!

Luckily, I've talked Eric into spending a few hours at the city pool this Saturday!

Bongi said...

This is what I designed to keep the raccoons out of my inflatable kiddie pool. I wooden cage that has a handle with chicken wire over it to keep them out at night.