Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January Twuonleyeth

Katie's 5th birthday party was Jan 20th and a bouncy time was had by all (well almost all). We decadently rented a bouncy-house for the day, for $90 bucks. Not bad considering we had it from 8:30 AM till almost 7 PM, though of course bouncing was not constant during that period. I'd say we got our money's worth: 13 girls, 2 boys, and at least 5 adults had a go in it, there were no major injuries, Disney princeceses adorned said abode (Katie can rattle them off, but all I know is Cinderella & Snow White (who I never realized was a princess)).

The only major trauma was Momma accidentally serving the first piece of cake to a different Katie (Katie C., not Katie A.),The wrong Katie gets the first piece and some minor ouchies which, when it comes down to it, are an essential part of childhood.

While the party had a princess theme (which, on one level I don't relate to, but on another can't object to) we didn't overdo it. Or I should say I didn't. Momma E. made a smashing good princess cake inspired by the princess cookbook that Grandma N. got for Katie last year, and this post will close with an homage to the birthday girl and her adored baked good:

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Francisca said...

What a grand way to be five!